IT, Health Sciences, and Business Operations Staffing

Delivery Process

The bottom line…FullDesk is in the people business. When it comes to identifying potential candidates for an open position, FullDesk takes a very hands-on approach and does all the legwork for you. Our Account Managers work very closely with our Recruiters to make sure that we find the right person(s) as quickly as possible.

Below is our intensive four-step screening process that identifies how we provide experienced and highly qualified IT candidates:

Initial Phone Screen
An in-depth phone screen is conducted with every candidate. In this phone interview, we assess qualifications, education, skill level, and experience. In this initial step, we also qualify candidates based on areas of interest, location, availability and compensation.

Personal Interview
We schedule each candidate for an in-person interview at our office or other facility. In this interview, we conduct an in-depth examination not only of technical abilities, but also of punctuality, soft skills, professionalism and interviewing abilities. We ensure that the candidate has a thorough understanding of the job requirements. Finally, we conduct skills testing to ensure that the candidate can move forward in the process.

Managerial References
We verify three managerial references are responsible for the management and technical direction of the applicant. We gather information from the reference about the candidate’s previous work experience, technical responsibilities and the level of skill that was needed to perform those duties. We also gather feedback from these managers in regards to the candidate’s team skills, reliability, and potential for rehire. Upon positive review of the 3 reference checks, the candidate is approved to move along to the final process step.

Account Manager Screen
The Recruiter presents the candidate to the Account Manager, who is ultimately responsible for filling the position according to the clients’ needs. This screening is imperative because the Account Manager is in direct contact with the client and therefore has the best understanding of what the client is looking for in a new hire. At this step in the process, the Account Manager confirms again the candidate’s expertise, evaluates soft skills and determines if the candidate would be a great fit for the client’s culture. If the Account Manager approves the candidate for submittal, then he/she formally presents the candidate to the client.